Since the second quarter of this year 2022, we had a peak order period. In these three months, our production department are under heavy production. Some customers added the vacuum lifting equipment to improve their working efficiency and reduce the labor cost. Some purchased the vacuum lifters to update their old lifting equipment. No matter they planned, but all of the clients are facing the increased labor cost and production cost.

Hereunder pictures are the delivery situations in the second quarter.

glass lifting equipment

Continuous Inflation

Due to the over-issue of the currencies worldwide, the price index continues to rise. Since the second half year of 2021, the raw materials for all industries are crazily increasing. And until now most of materials costs are still under high level. All the countries are inflation and the CPI has a stable increase in the world. All the enterprises are facing the high cost. The expects predicts the high inflation would keep in the coming 1-2 years.

Increasing Labor Cost

Although the epidemic is still here, life has to go on and the economy will continue to recover. The price index will rise and fall with supply and demand. But once the labor cost rises, it is difficult to come down. In particular, the number of personnel engaged in manual labor will only become less and less. However, the labor cost of handling will only increase. Therefore, the handling and lifting equipment will be more used in actual production.

Overcome the Difficulties

With the increase of raw material cost, our products are also facing greater cost pressure. However, considering that the overall market environment is not optimistic, our company adjusts the price by 5% reasonably. Compared to most machinery suppliers in the same industry adjusting the price by 10%-15%, we just want to overcome difficulties with customers.

What Makes us Stand out in the Industry

Our products have been pursuing quality first and safety-oriented. We are committed to providing high-quality, safe and efficient vacuum lifting devices. Not only keep adopting high-quality components for the products, we also adhering to the production of a complete and safe vacuum system. These are to ensure the stability and safety of the products.

Based on the consideration of product quality and long-term development, our company’s pricing has always been at a reasonable level. Truthfully and honestly, it is unwise to compete with low-priced products without quality assurance. Our company has been engaged in the production of vacuum lifting equipment for nearly 15 years to to provide customers with stable products and long-term after-sales service. We also has participated in multi-industry exhibitions for many years, to meet with our friendly and reliable customers.

Increasing labor cost, high cost-effective product and long-term after-sales service, are the key reasons why the customers trust us and place the orders.

Our vacuum lifter and light cranes are used for handling various non-porous plates, such as glass sheets, stone slabs, metal plates, sandwich panels, ceramic tiles, etc.

Vacuum Lifters Application

We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions for handling and lifting panels in various industries. The trust of customers is the driving force for us to move forward.