In recent years, we have often received inquires from customers about curved glass vacuum lifter. They want to use the vacuum lifter for handling and installing curved glass.

In the modern construction, the buildings are not only using the flat glass, but also the curved glass is becoming popular. Curved glass offers architects and designers the opportunity to create visually stunning and unique buildings with flowing lines and distinctive shapes. It adds a sense of modernity and sophistication to architectural designs, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the structure.

Curved Glass Applied on the Buildings

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The growing popularity of curved glass in buildings can be attributed to its aesthetic appeal, functional benefits, and technological advancements. These have made it a versatile and desirable material for modern architectural design.

curved glass vacuum lifter

As cities rush to construct modern buildings, the growing number of the curved glass are applied on the exterior and interior of buildings. The glass panel is getting larger and heavier. The demand for glass panel transportation and installation is increasing. And vacuum lifter is a good and reliable choice. It is significant to select a practical and trustworthy vacuum lifting equipment. Then how to select? Hereunder we are happy to share a case where the Singaporean customer who chose and purchased a curved glass vacuum lifter from us.

Proposal for Curved Glass Vacuum Lifter

At the middle of April 2023, one Singaporean customer contacted us. They were looking for a solution for installing curved glass of the elevator in the project. After multiple communication with the customer, we knew that the maximum size of their curved glass was 10 meter by 1.5 meter. The curved glass was the laminated one in 33.04mm in thickness. It laminated with 15mm clear tempered glass + 3.04mm euro PVB + 15mm clear tempered glass, with PVB protection edge sealer at all 4 sides.

With assessing the key data of the size, weight and curvature of the glass panels to be lifted, we calculated, simulated and determined the size and the rotating joint of the suction frame structure. Also in order to handle and install relatively small sizes of glass panels, the structure was designed and composed of main beams and extension arms.

curved glass lifter producer
curved glass lifter manufacturer

Consider the environment where to install the glass and the requirements how to handle the glass, it was necessary to adopt the motorized movements (tilting and rotation). Through these electrical motions setting, the glazier can regulate and move the panel easily  and comfortably.

vacuum lifter for handling curved glass

Due to the weight and curvature of the glass panels, as well as the safety factor, we decided to use the double-layer suction pads. This kind of suction pad has enough inner space and softness. The suction pad lip can bite and grasp the curved glass firmly. The rated load capacity of the vacuum lifter reached to be 1500 kg. We initially configured with 20 pieces of suction pads. However, in view of Singapore industry testing requirements, the equipment must pass a load test of 1.25 times the rated load before use. We added 6 pieces of suction pads more, to reach the testing load.

The Testing for Curved Glass Vacuum Lifter before Delivery

Thanks to the support and trust from the customer, we got the order for the vacuum lifter. This equipment is capable to handle both flat glass and bending glass.

Vacuum lifters are becoming an essential tool for safely and efficiently handling and installing glass, providing benefits in terms of safety, efficiency, versatility, and damage prevention.