Today Shengheng Machinery had done an operation testing for heavy-duty glass lifting equipment. It is designed and produced as per Russian customer’s requirement.

The customer is a successful and challenging contractor, which has lifting request for the glazing panel 5800*2400mm, up to 1200kg. This glass lifting manipulator is using 18 pieces of suction cups in 300mm diameter, so as to make sure its safe loading capacity 1200kg. Dual vacuum circuit with vacuum reservoir assure of the working efficiency and safety. Also you can choose whether to use the telescopic extensions according to the sizes of glass.

glazing installation, glass lifting equipment

In the video, the electrical motors are used to complete the flipping and rotation movements. These movements take a great effect on handling and installing glass, glazing, curtain wall and so on. And the gearboxes are playing the significant role of deceleration, to achieve the stable operation.

Of course, the alarm is the essential and important device. The alarm is acoustic and optical.

The operation testing for this equipment is working well as usual.

Metal Case Packing

Clean and wrap in bubble wrap, then pack into the metal case with necessary parts and accessories.