The stone robot manipulator can provide a wonderful solution for lifting and handling requirements. In the factory, the warehouse for slabs or tiles is quite a distance from the processing machine in the workshop. If you have the bulk order, you can move and transport a rack of slabs to the processing positions by the forklift. But if you have the small or loose order, you just need to transport one or two sheets of slabs, the stone robot manipulator is a good choice. For instance, the robot manipulator can grip and move specific slabs to the waterjet cutting machine. Then it flips and places the sheet on the working table.

slab vacuum lifting manipulator

Also, if the contractors have the projects to install the large-sized stone walls, tables and floor, this robot manipulator is a good assistant. It can move and handle the stone slabs and tiles to the specific positions. Only one or two installers can work on the installation in a comfort and easy way.

Sometimes, this mobile manipulator can help with loading and unloading the slabs and tiles from the truck or lorry, when the overhead crane or forklift are not available at that time.

Mobility & Flexibility

The biggest advantage of the stone robot manipulator is its mobility and flexibility. The manipulator is not only for indoor use, but also for outdoors handling. Designed as a mobile car-type, the machine equips with two front solid wheels and a motor-driven back wheel. And there has a steering armrest connecting with the back wheels. The operator can drive and control the equipment to grip the slabs or tiles, and transport to the specific location.


Independence is another strength of this slab manipulator. This vacuum lifting machine does not require connecting the air pipes like the pneumatic lifters, nor connecting wire cables like the electric lifters. Thanks to its battery-type power supply, it has the capability of independent and long-distance operation. Because the machine can move on wheels, it does not need to be used with a crane. This characteristic greatly improves its utilization rate and enables it to be active in more places.

Functional Diversity

the stone manipulator combines a variety of mechanical movements. After the equipment grips the slab or tile, in addition to the transport, it flexibly manipulates the panel. For example, it can lift the panel to a certain height, or flip and erect the panel, or rotate the panel up to 360 degrees on any side. Except for those, when passing through narrow passages, or when the installation space is insufficient, the panel can be placed sideways. If there is a slight deviation in the position when placing the panel, do not worry, this machine can adjust the position of the body by shifting left and right. The slab manipulator can meet different lifting and handling needs.

stone tile lifter
stone tile lifter


The body of the machine is made of high-strength and thick material to ensure mechanical rigidity and stability. This avoids deformation of the machine. Also, reasonable mechanical structure design and powerful driving components (motors/pistons) make the action smooth and stable.

tile manipulator

The stone robot manipulator used in Monalisa Tiles

All in all, this robot manipulator is a great tool for handling and manipulating stone slabs and tiles. Of course, apart from stone, it can also handle and install various plates, such as glass panels, steel plates, composite panels, sandwich panels, and more.

glazing manipulator for installation

The robot manipulator used for glass installation

metal sheet handling manipulator

The stone robot manipulator used to handle metal sheet