At the end of August 2021, a large of sheet metal vacuum lifter had been finished production and factory test. This vacuum lifting equipment is ordered by a European customer. The company is a shipyard profession and experienced on delivering quality shipbuilding, repair and docking service worldwide. Designed to use with crane hook equipment, the vacuum lifter adopts the vacuum principle to grab a steel plate. Then it handle and transport the plate to a specific working position along the crane movements. “It will bring higher working efficiency and lower working intensity in the ship building, repair and conversion.” as the customer is expecting to.

Product Design Schematic

steel plate vacuum lifter

Under the premise of following the European CE safety regulations for lifting equipment, the Sheet Metal Vacuum Lifter is designed and produced on the consideration of the actual requirements and the characteristics, specifications and weights of the lifting plates. The equipment is built as a three-segment main beam with eight pieces of auxiliary beams. And the structure dimension reaches 10 meter long and 1 meter wide, with the rated load of 2500kg.

The shipyard customer intends to use the vacuum lift to grab the large and heavy steel plates, and transport in the yard. By using the vacuum lifting device hanged under the hook of the overhead crane, it is easy and fast to seize, hold and transport the steel plates piece by piece. If the long and big sheet is gripped by lifting tools, it could be deformed caused by uneven upward pulling force. But the vacuum lift can solve this deformation problem by taking advantages of the structure and suction cups, which can cover the loads area as much as it can.

After production and testing, we packed the equipment with an export-worthy and sturdy packing box for ocean shipment. Assemble three-segment main beam structure can minimize the costs of packaging, transportation and freight, and the costs of import and export process. This kind of packaging also meets the requirements of LCL shipment.

sheet metal vacuum lifter
metal plate vacuum lifter