Sailing over one month, the sheet metal vacuum lifting device, designed to transport the large size of aluminum thin plate, have arrived at the customer’s factory. At May, one of our Saudi Arabia customers placed an order for this vacuum lifting equipment, to move the aluminum sheet from the stack to the laser cutting machine. Recently they have installed the equipment according to the installation manual. And they work in a comfort way by using the suction lifter, without hard and unsafe manpower transport again. They share the working video for this sheet metal vacuum lifting device handling.

Why is the vacuum lifter so big structure, but the sheet is not heavy?

In the video, you can see the aluminium panel is long and thin. But it seems the sheet is not heavy. Yes the sheet is 12000mm in length, 2000mm in width and 6mm thickness. It is approximately 388kg (855lbs). Many types of vacuum lifters with small structures can handle this weight. However it is important that it need to take the overhang amount into consideration when we designed the device. In view of the characteristics of the long and thin sheet, the suction cups are suggested to cover the area as much as possible. Otherwise, two ends of the plate will overhang too much under its own gravity. If the overhang amount is big, it could lead the plate deformation and drop.

sheet metal vacuum lifting device

22 pieces of suction cups and the long-beam structure make the equipment seize the sheet metal tightly and stably. And the overhang amount of the panel is under allowance range. The vacuum system is built with qualified vacuum pump (BUSCH or KLEE brand), vacuum filter, vacuum gauge, non-return valve, and other components. To assure of the stable and durable vacuum system, we adopt the main components of imported European brands. By advantage of the assembled X main beam and position-adjusted Y beams and suction cups, the device can grab different sizes of metal sheets.

sheet metal vacuum lifting equipment

Sheet metal vacuum lifting devices are the better option to lift, handle and move various kinds of sheet metal. Especially when you handle and carry the sheets with paramagnetic characteristics (stainless-steel sheet, aluminum sheet, copper panel or zinc plates), a suction lifter could be the best choice. Meanwhile Use the vacuum lifting equipment can minimize the deformation possibility of the sheets in the transport..

sheet metal vacuum lifter