Project Description

Vacuum Lifter – Manually Tilt & Rotate

Well applied for handling and transporting glass in the production, processing and storage. Also this lifter is mostly used for installing curtain wall, doors and windows.

With manual tilting 90° and rotating 360° movements, it can solve most of handling and lifting work for glass sheet.

Hanged on the hoist of overhead cranes, lightweight crane, truck cranes and others.


  • Oil-free rotary vacuum pump is in stable working and less maintenance.
  • Execution of tilting and rotating movements satisfy with most of handling requirement.
  • Energy saving system increases vacuum sucking time and working safety.
  • Vacuum gauge, battery indicator, vacuum reservoir make it safer.
  • A variety of suction frames are provided to match up with different glass dimensions and loads.


Technical Data for Standard Models

Item Data
Description The lifter is used vacuum to carry loads, with manual 360° rotating and 90° flipping for position.
Model Number SH-XD4-04
Vacuum Pad 11.8″ (300 mm) diameter, 8 pcs, silicone material, with adjustable spring mounted base
Rated Load Capacity Total in 4 pads: 400 kg
Total in 8 pads: 600 kg
Self Weight 95 kg
Working Power 12 volts DC, 2 pcs of batteries, chargeable
Operating Time 8 hours
Vacuum Pump DC-powered, oil free
Performance Manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat, with locks in vertical and horizontal positions
Manual rotation, 360° edgewise, with locking at each quarter point
Control Method Control box on the body and wired control handle
Option Acoustic & optical alarm, lifting bar & hook, AC power or dual power
Glass Vacuum Lifter