Project Description

Stone Lifter Mounted on Forklift

Designed to mount on the front fork of forklifts or other lifting equipment, adopt vacuum to hold the slabs and tiles, moved and transported by mobile forklifts, with tilt and/or rotation movements for manipulation.

If there is no overhead crane or gantry in the plant or warehouse, it is a good choice to use this lifter mounted on forklifts or telescopic handler for transporting and handling stone slabs and ceramic tiles. Also it can load and unload slabs onto/from the trucks.

In the construction site, it can design to mount on the truck cranes or spider cranes for handling and installing decorative stone walls.


  • Use mechanical attachment for mounting on forklift and other mobile lifting equipment.
  • Adopt chargeable batteries as power, no cable connection required.
  • Design and produce as per customers’ usage and application.
  • Energy saving system increases the working hours.
  • Powered tilt and/or rotation movements lead to easy handling.
  • Remote control keeps the operator in safe working position


Technical Data

Load Capacity Up to 1500 kg
Vacuum Pad Round, 250mm/300mm diameter, with mounted spring base; Silicone material
Number as per slabs/tiles dimension and weight
Mechanism Structural attachment assembled and mounted on forklift or other handling equipment
Working Power DC power, 12 volts / 24 volts
Vacuum Single vacuum circuit or dual vacuum circuits as required
Max. Glass Size Depending on the dimension of the suction frame and glass thickness, suggested up to 4800 x 1600 mm
Hoist Device Forklifts, telescopic handler, any other lifting equipment
Vacuum Holding Time > 10 minutes after power loss
Tilt Capability 90°/180°, manual/motorized/hydraulic
Rotation Capability Not required, or
360°, manual/motorized/hydraulic
Safety Protection Closed non-return circuits
Vacuum compensation system
Acoustic and optical alarm (option)
Control Wired remote or radio remote
Extension Arm With / without, as required
Stone Vacuum Lifter