Project Description

Slewing Jib Cranes

A kind of slewing crane is produced with jibs made of KBK profiles or universal beam, using in the workplace for handling and lifting loads within the certain space.

The slewing jib/arm ranges 1 meter to 6 meter in length with 180 degree to 360 degree rotation.

Owing to the low deadweight, the slewing crane is easily and comfortably traversing of the jib at any load positions

It can use electric hoist or wire hoist for hoist equipment, whose cable or wire is along with tracks.

It can also use air cylinder for hoist equipment, with vacuum lifter to handling various kinds of smooth and air-tight panels.

Pillar-mounted slewing jib crane

  • Square tube or round tube as supporting pillar with steel plate as base for fastening.
  • Installed freely any working positions.
  • Occupy small floor space.

Wall-mounted slewing jib crane

  • Installed and mounted on walls, columns or machinery.
  • Produced with the attachment in the light of the shape and strength of mounted materials.
  • Required no additional floor space.
Overhead Cranes