Project Description

Slab Vacuum Lifter

According to the actual processing situations of stone slabs and tiles, there are lifting and handling equipment required to reduce work intensity and increase safety and efficiency.

This kind of slab vacuum lifters are designed to use with hoist equipment, employ vacuum to support loads, with powered tilt movements to handle and transport stone slabs and tiles.

It can be custom designed and produced to handle and move slabs onto the pressing machine.


  • Fast vacuum created by compressed air rapid passing through the vacuum generator.
  • Powered tilt movement make it easy to flip the slab and tiles.
  • Operate buttons on the box for controlling valves to complete vacuum holding and movements work.
  • Pneumatic parts and components for the system lead to easy and less maintenance and repair.
  • Vacuum automatic compensation system sensors and restarts for more vacuum.
  • Custom design and produce as per actual working situations.


Stone Vacuum Lifter