Project Description

Pneumatic Glass Lifter -Tilter & Rotator 

Move and handle glass panel and window fabrication in the processing, this serial lifter can provide powered 90° tilt and 90° rotate movements for load manipulation.

They can be applied and used at most of working positions in the plant, assisting operators to settle most of handling works under the safe and easy ways.


  • High-speed air injet to vacuum nozzle leads to grip glass quickly.
  • Tilting and rotation movements can do most of handling.
  • Spring-mounted suction pads in silicone material makes glass touched and sucked wellness.
  • Single energy source (compressed air) makes it less maintenance.
  • Options: Energy Saving System, Acoustic & Optical Alarm


Technical Data for Standard Models

Model Capacity Pad No. & Dia. Max. Glass Size Min. Glass Size Extension Arms
SH-QFX04-03 (A) 300 kg 4 / 250mm 2500x1500mm 900x800mm
SH-QFX04-03 (B) 300 kg 8 / 250mm 3200x1600mm 900x800mm 4 pcs
SH-QFX08-05 (A) 500 kg 8 / 250mm 5000x2500mm 1000x900mm 4 pcs
SH-QFX08-05 (B) 500 kg 6 / 300mm 3660×2440 mm 1200x900mm
Glass Vacuum Lifter