Project Description

Pneumatic Glass Lifter – Tilter / Rotator 180°

This serial lifters can be designed for powered rotating or titling a load up to 180 degree.

The rotator 180° can be applied at the straight edging machine or line, turning glass into 180 degree from the polished edge to the unpolished edge, especially for the glass only need polishing two edges.

The tilter 180° can be applied for pivoting glass which need to process two sides, like drilling, engraving and others. Also it can be used for window fabrication.


  • Air-powered vacuum system leads to faster glass sucking.
  • Powered rotating and tilting 180° movements can handle specific work requirements.
  • The Blow-off function can reach a quick release.
  • Single energy source (compressed air) makes it less maintenance.
  • Options: Energy Saving System, Acoustic & Optical Alarm, Extension arm


Technical Data for Standard Models

Model Capacity Pad No. & Dia. Max. Glass Size Min. Glass Size Movement
SH-QX06-05 200 kg 4 / 250mm 2600x1600mm 1000x1000mm Rotation
SH-QF06-05 (A) 200 kg 4 / 250mm 2600x1600mm 1000x1000mm Tilt
SH-QF06-05 (B) 300 kg 6 / 250mm 3000x2000mm 1000x1000mm Tilt
Glass Vacuum Lifter