Project Description

Pneumatic Glass Lifter -Rotator 90° 

Move and handle glass sheet in the vertical plane, making it turn the load into the processing side or the right position with powered rotation movement.

It can be mostly applied in the Insulating glass processing (IGU) line for uploading and loading glass , or in the straight line edging machine for turning and moving glass from outlet to inlet after one edge of glass is finished polishing. Also it can used for handling and rotating glass in the right angle, so as to pack into crates.

By using our pneumatic lifter -rotator 90°, it can be easy and comfortable for single worker to complete handling and polishing jobs for bulk glass. So is the packing task.


  • Venturi type of vacuum makes it sucking glass rapidly.
  • Execution of rotating movement are completed by air cylinder.
  • Air control valve keep it safer even though the blow-off button is pressed by mistake.
  • Single energy source (compressed air) makes it less maintenance.
  • Options: Energy Saving System, Acoustic & Optical Alarm, Extension arm


Technical Data for Standard Models

Model Capacity Pad No. & Dia. Max. Glass Size Min. Glass Size Extension Arms
SH-QX02-01 (A) 150 kg 2 / 300mm 2000x1200mm 900x350mm
SH-QX02-01 (B) 150 kg 2 / 300mm 2600x1200mm 900x350mm 2 pcs
SH-QX04-03 (A) 300 kg 4 / 250mm 3000x2000mm 1000x800mm
SH-QX04-03 (B) 300 kg 8 / 250mm 3660×2440 mm 1000x800mm 4 pcs
SH-QX04-03 (X) 250 kg 4 / 200mm 2600x1800mm 900x800mm X-shape
Glass Vacuum Lifter