Project Description

Motorized Vacuum Lifter

When moving and handling quite heavy and big glass sheet, it is not easy to flip or rotate the sheet manually. This lifter can be provided to comfort operation by taking advantage of its motorized tilt and rotation movements.

Designed for use with hoist equipment, it can be widely applied in the processor and fabrication plant, to handle and transport glass sheet in the working position, storage and warehouse. Besides, it can be used for installing curtain wall, doors and windows.

Equipped with radio remote, it can be operated in the available range.


  • Employ vacuum to hold a load for lifting with vacuum system.
  • Big battery capacity make sure enough working times.
  • Powered tilt and powered/manual rotation movements make comfort handling and transport.
  • Energy saving system increases operation times for vacuum and movements.
  • Vacuum gauge indicates current vacuum level.
  • Vacuum lift light indicates the vacuum level in sufficient for lifting.


Technical Data for Standard Models

Model SH-XE04-05 SH-XE04-05F SH-XE12-10 SH-XE12-10F
Load Capacity 500 kg 500 kg 1000 kg 1000 kg
Vacuum Pad (silicone) 6 pcs / 300 mm dia.
8 pcs / 250 mm dia.
6 pcs / 300 mm dia.
8 pcs / 250 mm dia.
12 pcs / 300 mm dia.
14 pcs / 250 mm dia.
12 pcs / 300 mm dia.
14 pcs / 250 mm dia.
Working Power 24 volts DC 24 volts DC 24 volts DC 24 volts DC
Tilt Capability Powered, 90°  Powered, 90°  Powered, 90°  Powered, 90°
Rotation Capability Manual, 360° Powered, 360° Manual, 360° Powered, 360°
Extension Arm With/without With/without With/without With/without
Control Remote Remote Remote Remote

Options: Acoustic & optical alarm, lifting bar & hook, AC power or dual power

Glass Vacuum Lifter