Project Description

Metal Plate Vacuum Lifter

This series of metal sheet vacuum lifters are specially designed for loading, unloading, transporting and handling metal sheet, like stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, carbon steel plates and other metal plates.  They are mainly applied for:

  • Loading and unloading metal sheet to/from laser cutting machine or other metal processing equipment
  • Transporting metal sheet in the warehouse
  • Transferring metal plates in the factory
  • Handling new composite materials

The vacuum lifters are driven by AC power with electric vacuum pump as vacuum power source, creating vacuum to suck the plates. They can be produced to be horizontally handling and lifting, or to be electrically flipped 90 degree between horizontal and vertical position.


  • Using the vacuum principle to achieve plate suction and release
  • Specially designed suction and release control system, easy to operate
  • Adjustable vacuum suction frame and cups in X-Y direction to meet different sizes of plates
  • Outstanding lightweight user-friendly design and ergonomic operation height ensure the operators will not feel tired after long-time operation.
  • Wide AC 380V-440V 50Hz-60Hz electric drive (optional compressed air driven or electric driven)
  • In conformity of international safety standards.
  • The imported vacuum component configuration can effectively guarantee the safety of the vacuum system and the improvement of production efficiency.
  • Configure visual sound and light safety tips and warning according to international vacuum capture technology regulations.


Stainless Steel Plate Vacuum Lifter

Aluminum Plate Vacuum Lifter

Carbon Plate Vacuum Lifter

Metal Vacuum Lifter Specification
Metal Sheet Vacuum Lifter