Project Description

Large Metal Sheet Vacuum Lifter

Large Metal plate vacuum lifters are specially designed for loading, unloading, transporting and handling heavy metal sheet. It is mainly applied for:

  • Loading and unloading large metal sheet to/from laser cutting machine or other metal processing equipment
  • Transporting large metal sheet in the warehouse
  • Transferring large-size metal plates in the processing
  • Handling new composite material panel, coat plates and sandwich panels.

Driven by AC power with electric vacuum pump, this types of lifter can be designed and produced to be horizontally handling and lifting, or to be electrically flipped 90 degree between horizontal and vertical position.


Vacuum Grabbing: Safe grabbing and release as per vacuum principle calculation.

Core System: key vacuum system with imported qualified oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump and other imported good components.

Mechanical Structure:  XY-direction adjustable suction frames and cups for matching up with different sizes of sheet.

Design Intention: Outstanding lightweight user-friendly design and ergonomic operation height.

Power Supply: Wide AC 380V-440V 50Hz/60Hz electric drive

Safety: Reliable and qualified vacuum system; be conformity of European safety requirements;  visual sound and light for alarm

Large Metal Plate Vacuum Lifter 8
Metal Sheet Vacuum Lifter