Project Description

KBK Light Crane System

Kbk Light Crane (2)

KBK light crane system is the modular design with high flexibility and possibility to meet a wide variety of customer requirements. It provides many possibilities for handling loads quickly, safely and efficiently in the working and production area, which can build up supports from floor space, or use any existed structures.

The modular system design enables KBK light crane installation to be integrated easily into many types and sizes of factories and workshops all over the world.

KBK light crane system includes single-girder suspension cranes, double-girder suspension cranes, monorails suspension cranes, slewing jib crane and etc.


  • Versatile and flexible combination
  • Overhead lifting equipment with light weight and cost-effective
  • Simple installation, high reliability and efficiency
  • Comfort transport, accurate positioning and ergonomic handling
  • Easy and less maintenance and repair
  • A wide range of applications
  • Customization as per actual working area


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