Project Description

Heavy-duty Vacuum Lifting Equipment

The vacuum lifting equipment is designed to use for handling and transporting large and heavy metal sheet in the factory and construction sites.

As for various actual situations and application, it is required to design and produce case by case, with manually or powered movements for handling operation.

It is used with the hoist equipment, like overhead cranes, lightweight crane, truck cranes and others.


  • Electrical gripping device use suction cups and vacuum system to achieve plates suction and release.
  • Optional powers with DC battery-group, AC electricity, or dual power (AC main power, DC backup).
  • The low vacuum alarm function with sound and light signal will beep to remind the operator to pay attention when vacuum is insufficient.
  • Integrated energy saving system function to reduce pump running times and to increase operating times of the device.
  • Vacuum compensation function to assure the working stability and safety.
  • Cable and radio remote controls are for options.


Metal Sheet Vacuum Lifter