Project Description

Heavy-duty Glass Lifter

This serial lifters are mostly designed as per the requirement of customers, especially which require to handle and lift heavy-duty loads, with manual/motorized/hydraulic tilt or rotation movements to manipulate.
The lifting capacity ranges up to 3000 kilos.
They are well used in handling and transporting large glass in the plant, or installing the curtain wall in the construction projects.


  • Use DC or AC power to run the vacuum and mechanism.
  • Dual vacuum circuits assure of the efficiency and safety of handling big loads.
  • Designed to use with hoist equipment for lifting up and down
  • Reasonably and evenly distribute the suction pads around the suction frame to cover the glass area as much as possible.
  • Energy saving system makes its working in saving mode.
  • Vacuum compensation system provide vacuum supplement when necessary.


Technical Data

Load Capacity Up to 3000 kg
Vacuum Pad Round, 250mm/300mm diameter, with mounted spring base;
Number as per load dimension and weight
Safety Factor 2.5
Working Power DC power or AC power
Vacuum Single vacuum circuit or dual vacuum circuits as required
Max. Glass Size Depending on the dimension of the suction frame and glass thickness, suggested up to 3,200 x 6,000 mm
Hoist Device Any hoist equipment with lifting capability
Vacuum Holding Time > 10 minutes after power loss
Tilt Capability Not required, or
90°, manual/motorized/hydraulic
Rotation Capability Not required, or
360°, manual/motorized/hydraulic
Safety Protection Closed non-return circuits
Vacuum compensation system
Low vacuum alarm (option)
Glass Vacuum Lifter