Project Description

Electric Stone Lifter

These electric vacuum lifters are designed to adopt vacuum to support the loads, hanging under the hoist equipment for moving and transporting. With powered or manual movements, it can handle and lift the stone slabs and tiles to the specified positions.

They are the good choice for handling and transporting stone slabs and ceramic tiles from storage/racks to the cutting table, engraving machine, drilling machine and other processing machines.

Also they can help to stack and pack slabs and tiles actively and orderly.

As required to be designed with attachment mounted on forklift for operation.


  • DC power as main energy source provided. AC power is available for option.
  • Executions of tilt and/or rotation movements are effected electrically or manually.
  • A variety of structures are provided to match up with different dimension and weight of the loads.
  • Energy saving system assures of the enough working time.
  • Vacuum compensation function automatically sensors and restarts pump to supplement vacuum.
  • Customized lifting equipment solution can be mounted or attached on the forklift.


Handle and transport stone slabs and tiles with crane hoist equipment

Handle and transport stone slabs and tiles with mounted-on-forklift

Technical Data for Standard Models

Stone Type Marble, granite, quartz, limestone, artificial slabs and ceramic tiles
Load Capacity Up to 1000 kg
Vacuum Pad 250mm / 300mm diameter, silicone material, with adjustable spring mounted base
Max. Slab Size Depending on the dimension of the suction frame and slabs thickness, suggested up to 4800 x 1600 mm
Hoist Device Chain hoist, wire-rope hoist or forklift (customer provided)
Hoist Movement Crane hook 360°manually or fork motions
Suction Frame Rectangular or X-shaped
with/without telescopic extensions
Suction Frame Movements Rotating 360°, manually / electrically
Tilting 0-90°, manually / electrically
Vacuum Generation Oil-free rotary vacuum pump
Energy Supply D.C power 12V / 24V battery
A.C power 220~240V, 380-400V, others
Option  Acoustic & optical alarm
 Radio remote control
 Dual power
 Vacuum reservoir
 Telescopic extensions / beams
 Crane hook
 Attachment for forklift or cranes
Stone Vacuum Lifter