Project Description

DC-powered Metal Sheet Lifter

This serial vacuum lifter is designed to power with DC batteries, used with hoist equipment, to handle and transport a variety of metal sheet in the production or in the projects.

Except for basic horizontal lifting performance, the lifting equipment can be performed as tilting and/or rotation movements motorized, hydraulically or manually as required or as per actual application.

Besides, special attachment design mounted or assembled on the forklift or crane, make it widely used in complicated working situations.


  • A good choice for handling and transporting various kinds of metal plates or processed panel in the production and processing.
  • A good helper for installing metal sheet or processed metal panels in the construction projects.
  • Hanged on the chain hoist or wire-rope hoist of the overhead cranes, gantry cranes and other cranes.
  • DC battery power is used separated or combined with AC powered as required, for vacuum generation and handling the loads.
  • A variety of suction frames are provided to match up with different panel dimensions and loads.
  • Different movements can be chosen and combined to effect manually or electrically.
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Metal Sheet Vacuum Lifter