Project Description

Curved Glass Lifter

With the continuous innovation and development of modern architectural design, more and more curved glass is used in construction. The lifter is designed to handle and transport curved glass, employ vacuum to support load, manual/powered tilt and/or rotation movements to manipulate, using with hoist equipment for up and down.

With the adjustable angle mechanism structure and double-layer suction pads produced in elastic silicone material, the lifter can tightly touch, suck and hold the curved glass. Also it can be used for flat glass.


  • Adopt Adjustable structural joint with bolts for turning to the right angle matching the radian of curved glass.
  • Dual vacuum circuits assure of the efficiency and safety of handling big loads.
  • Use vacuum reservoir to fast holding and rapid vacuum supplement.
  • Apply for handling and transport in the plant and installing in the construction.
  • Energy saving system makes it works at maximum times under the batteries volume.
  • Vacuum automatic compensation system increases the safety factor of operation.
  • Radio remote control brings easy and comfort work.


Technical Data

Load Capacity Up to 3000 kg
Vacuum Pad Round, 280mm diameter, double layer, silicone material;
Number as per load dimension and weight
Mechanism Structural joint adjusted by screw post
Working Power DC power or AC power
Vacuum Single vacuum circuit or dual vacuum circuits as required
Max. Glass Size Depending on the dimension of the suction frame and glass thickness, suggested up to 3,200 x 6,000 mm
Hoist Device Any hoist equipment with lifting capability
Vacuum Holding Time > 10 minutes after power loss
Tilt Capability Not required, or
90°, manual/motorized/hydraulic
Rotation Capability Not required, or
360°, manual/motorized/hydraulic
Safety Protection Closed non-return circuits
Vacuum compensation system
Low vacuum alarm (option)
Glass Vacuum Lifter