Project Description

Air-powered Stone Lifter

These air-powered lifters can handle and transport most of stone slabs and ceramic tiles, like marble, granite, quartz stone, limestone, artificial stone, laminated panel and so on.

A powerful and easy-operated vacuum lifter for loading and handling slabs and tiles onto the cutting, engraving, drilling and CNC machines from the racks.

The good device for loading and uploading slabs and tiles at vertical and horizontal stone grinding and polishing machines.

The idea equipment for lifting and handling finished stone and ceramic products into wooden crates or in storage.


  • Vacuum generation quickly created by compressed air for fast holding slabs/tiles.
  • Executions of lifting, tilting or rotation movements are effected pneumatically.
  • Manually operated control valves ensure the precised and adjustable movements.
  • Single energy source (compressed air) makes its less maintenance and service.
  • Simple and ergonomically structures result in own light weight and comfortably effortless handling.
  • Used and attached to lightweight crane, jib slewing crane and overhead crane.
  • Silicone suction pads make it tightly touch and support slabs/tiles.


Picking up to the cutting/engraving/CNC machines/ transferring table

Loading to the grinding machine or other processing machines

Packing into crates or moving out from packages

Technical Data for Standard Models



SH-QFX04-03 SH-QF08-05


Lifting Capacity 300 kg 300 kg 500 kg 500 kg
Vacuum Pad 4 / ⌀250mm 4 / ⌀250mm 8 / ⌀250mm 8 / ⌀250mm
Air Power 6-8 bar 6-8 bar 6-8 bar 6-8 bar
Safety Factor 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Max. Panel Size 2400*1200mm 2400*1200mm 4800*1600mm 4800*1600mm
Min. Panel Size 800*800mm 800*800mm 1000*900mm 1000*900mm
Holding Time (power loss) > 10 minutes > 10 minutes > 10 minutes > 10 minutes
Lifting / lowering air cylinder, 80~120cm air cylinder, 80~120cm air cylinder, 80~120cm air cylinder, 80~120cm
Movements tilt 90° / rotation 90° tilt 90° & rotation 90° tilt 90° / rotation 90° tilt 90° & rotation 90°
Extension inclusive / exclusive inclusive / exclusive inclusive inclusive
Stone Vacuum Lifter