Project Description

Air-powered Steel Plate Lifter

This kind of metal plates vacuum lifter is powered by air source, using vacuum generator to create vacuum to hold the plates horizontally.

They are the good choices to load the plates to the cutting machine, with fast gripping and easy operation.

Normally the lifters are used with X-Y craneway system, jib crane or wall-mounted slewing crane nearby the working positions.

Powered flip or rotation movements are for options as per actual usage and application.


  • Venturi type of vacuum makes it grip metal plates rapidly.
  • The lifting, flip or rotation movements are executed by air cylinder.
  • Air control valve keep it safer even though the blow-off button is pressed by mistake.
  • Single energy source (compressed air) makes it less maintenance.
  • Options: Energy Saving System, Acoustic & Optical Alarm, Extension arm


Metal Sheet Vacuum Lifter