Project Description

Air-powered Lifter for Curved Glass

In the glass processing, it not only do process flat glass, but also produce curved glass. This serial lifter can give a help to handle and transport flat glass and curved glass.

Besides handling flat glass in different working positions, it can also load the curved glass with the angle-adjustable suction pad to match the radius of curved glass.

It will be a good choice if the curved glass is in your product catalogs.


  • Vacuum suction powered by air takes less time for sucking.
  • Powered tilt or rotating movements are chosen for actual situations.
  • Suction pads in silicone material make a well touch on glass, especially for handling curved glass.
  • Control valves integrated in the panel make it easy to handle glass by one staff.
  • Options: Energy Saving System, Acoustic & Optical Alarm, Extension arm


Technical Data for Standard Models

Model Capacity Pad No. & Dia. Max. Glass Size Min. Glass Size Extension Arms
SH-QFC04-03 (A) 250 kg 4 / 250mm 2500x1500mm 900x800mm
SH-QFC04-03 (B) 300 kg 8 / 250mm 3200x1600mm 900x800mm 4 pcs
SH-QFC08-05 500 kg 8 / 250mm 5000x2500mm 1000x900mm 4 pcs
Glass Vacuum Lifter