An experienced contractor for glass curtain wall projects came in our office in the middle of January 2022. For they wanted to find a safe and effective Vacuum Lifter for handling and installing the special customized glass.
During the meeting and conversation, we learned they had won the bid for the curtain wall project of a commercial building. According to this project, they have a partial installation for jumbo glass curtain wall. This jumbo glass is the three-layer laminated glass in size 16 m x 1.8 m.  And because the glass panel combined with 12mm+1.52sgp+12mm+1.52sgp+12mm glass, each sheet weighs over 2.6 ton.

glass lifting equipment

Make a Request

The contractor put forward the installation requirements and technical requirement of the Large Vacuum Lifter. At first they need to grip and lift up the huge glass from the rack. Then they has to rotate the glass and make it upright. Further they use the derrick truck to transport the lifter and glass to the specific position. After that they will use the brackets to install and joint the glass with curtain wall structure.

Glass Vacuum Lifter
Electric Glass Lifter 1000kg

Team brainstorm

After meeting and communicating with the contractor, our team immediately held an internal meeting. We were going to discuss and develop a right solution.
In fact for an effective solution, we shall take the below factors into careful consideration. And then make a comprehensive plan.
1. Structure of the equipment
2. Type selection, number and distribution of the suction pads
3. Vacuum system
4. Movement mechanical system
5. Safety setting

Make a Proposal

Through numerous internal brainstorm and repeated consultation with the contractor, we made out a solution.

In order to handle the jumbo glass, the proposed vacuum lifter was designed to be rectangular structure. This structure has telescopic extensions mounted on the ends. And the operator can assembled and disassembled the extensions as per glass sizes.

Meanwhile considered the huge glass features and working environment, the lifter used 36 pieces of suction pads in 300mm diameter. Due to this configuration, The factor of safety for the equipment reached 4.0.

Also the lifter adopted dual big-flow vacuum pumps with vacuum tanks. So it can suck and grip the glass quickly. By taking advantage of the motor-screw post and gear mechanical device, the equipment can flip and rotate the glass powerful and stably.

Moreover, a serial of settings increased the equipment working safety. They included low vacuum alarm, automatic vacuum compensation, dual vacuum circuits, dual vacuum tanks etc.

Jumbo Glass Vacuum Lifter

Thanks to the detailed information and reasonable price, our proposal was recognized and accepted by the contractor. As a result, our company Shengheng Machinery was trusted to get the order.

Video for multiple testing before delivery

Video for unload jumbo glass from the truck

Video for installation at site

Except for applying on the glass sheet, the Jumbo Vacuum Lifter also can be used for handling, lifting and transporting large-sized heavy steel plates and other metal sheets.

Certainly we are committed to providing cost-effective solutions for handling and lifting panels in various industries. Most importantly, customers’ trust are our motivation to advance.