Yesterday three sets of glazing robot manipulators and one set of glass lifter were loaded into the container for shipment.

glass robot for installation
Robot Manipulator for Glazing

Customized Robot Manipulators

The customer wants to use robot manipulators to install glass and glazing in the projects. In the installation, the glass needs to be flipped, rotated and moved to specific positions. And our robot manipulators can perform these movements and complete the works. But the customer need do the installation works inside the building and the mobile robot need to get into the building gate, the width of which is only 800 mm. According to this request, our engineering consider and redesign the robot body, making it less than 800 mm wide.

The robot manipulator is a powerful helper in the factories and projects.

  1. Transport glass and window
  2. Install glass partition, doors and windows
  3. Used for glazing, cladding and facades
  4. Install skylights, awnings and greenhouses