Last month a Singapore customer purchased a glass lift for curtain wall installation. This glass lifter he chose is well accepted and applied on the construction projects. The vacuum lift is used with the hoist equipment of the telehandlers or truck cranes from the ground, or of the tower cranes or roof cranes from the top. DC power makes it no need to connect wire in the installation. And two pieces of 12 volts batteries assure of long enough continuously working time.

glass lifting equipment
Glass Vacuum Lifter Inspection

Before using the equipment on the project sites, it is requested to do the test in Singapore. As stipulated in the Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) Regulations of Singapore, owners of Machinery and Lifting Equipment are required to ensure that their equipment is tested by an Authorized Examiner at least once every six (6) or twelve (12) Months. Therefore, the customer had sent it to the authority institution for comprehensive inspection. Undoubtedly the glass lift is completely passed the official test with the good performance.

Glass Lifting Equipment Testing

After testing, the customer immediately pulled the vacuum lift to the construction site for service. Its first work is to install the glass curtain wall on the covered bridges of the buildings.