Glass Handling Solution in Straight-line Edger

Glass vacuum lifter with 90º/180º rotation — make the glass handling easy and comfort in the straight line edging machine.

Today we have a visiting and meeting appointment with our old customer. After arrived to the plant, we directly go to observe our vacuum lifter with 180º rotation in the polishing area. After inspecting the equipment and watching the worker’s operation, everything is fine and the lifter and jib crane do a good job.

The more proficient the workers operate, the more comfortable the glass handling work is.

The glass vacuum lifter with 90 degree rotation, hanged and moved under a set of pillar jib crane, is a cost-effective equipment for handling and moving glass from outlet to inlet in a straight line edger. After grinding one glass edge, the lifter can suck, rotate and place glass onto the inlet of the edger. For completing this handling, the pillar jib crane and glass lifter were installed in the middle of the edging machine, covering the inlet and outlet area. Because of comfort handling and high efficiency, it is a good choice for most of glass processing companies.

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After checking the on-served equipment, we had a meeting with the general manager. He wanted to add one set of glass lifter in the tempering machine for loading glass onto the tempering machine. The sizes of the tempered glass range from 1200*800mm to 4800*2500mm, weighing up to 400kg. In the meeting, we exchanged and discussed based on both information. And we closed the order of a set glass lifter 500kg lifting capacity with flipping movement and pillar jib crane at the end.

Appreciate for trust and support again.