Lifting and Handling Metal Sheet

in the Production

Metal sheet is playing a significant role in the society, widely used and applied in the manufacturing and construction. Due to the characteristics of metal sheet, normally two or more labors are required to move and handle. Also in the manual handling, it is quite high risk for physical injury, like contusion, scratch and more serious damage, owing to the sharpness of metal plates.

By using vacuum lifting equipment to handle and transport various kinds of metal sheet or processed metal panels, it can keep your works away from intensity, fatigue and danger. Some producers and processors are using magnetic lifter for lifting the metal sheet. Of course, it can lift some kinds of metal plates, but depending on the dimension and thickness of the metal panels. If lifting the thin or big-sized of metal sheet, it may cause the panel deformation as a result of hanging weight. Also if it needs to lift and transport plates for a relatively long distance or long time, magnetic lifter is not suggested.

Vacuum Lifter For Metal Sheet In Cutting

We manufacture and provide several kinds of vacuum lifting equipments, to meet with multiple customers’ needs. Also we design and produce according to the comprehensive consideration of operation, safety and special requirements from clients.

Load to the Cutting Machines or Tables

Load to and Unload from Processing Machines

Transport in the Plant and Warehouse