Stone Slabs and Ceramic Tiles

Production & Processing & Projects

Stone slabs and ceramic tiles are constituted as one of most significant materials in the construction and decoration of public, commercial and residential buildings.

At recent years, increasing numbers of larger-size stone slabs and ceramic tiles are required for walls and floors, in order to satisfy the perception and beauty of architecture.

Due to the dimension and deadweight, it is quite hard to transport and handle these slabs and tiles in the production and processing. Some producers and processors are using clamps to grip the boards, but there exist the risks of damage by clamping force. Also it is difficult to flip slabs and tiles by only using clamps.
Compared to clamps and manual handling, wise choices for vacuum lifting equipment contribute to easy operation, comfort working and high productivity.

Stone Slabs And Tiles

Pick up to the Cutting Machines or Tables

Load to or Unload from Processing Machines

Pick out from the Production Line

Pack into or unpack from Crates

Transport and Handle in the Plants

Handle and Install in the Projects