Handling and Lifting Solution for Glass Production and Processing

In the glass production and processing plants, there have various working positions to handle and lift glass panel, like cutting, polishing, washing, laminating, tempering and etc. Now an increasing numbers of producers and processors are using vacuum lifters and light crane system for handling and transporting glass panels, thanks to their brilliant decision and excellent management capability.

The manual handling is the typical way to handle glass panel but with high tempo and intensity, resulted in decreased efficiency, lower productivity and dissatisfied workers. Especially if not performed with care, it could cause injuring risk, what employers and employees both are unwilling to encounter.

Consequently, regardless of the scale of production, the number of equipment and the level of automation, there will be opportunity and needs for lifting and handling equipment.

The Manual Handling

SHENG Machinery provided glass lifters and light crane systems to meet a variety of handling requirement in the production.

Load & unload glass between racks and horizontal machines/tables.

Loading glass from racks to cutting table, washing machine, double edger, laminated machine, tempering furnace and etc. Also unloading from these machines or tables to glass racks.

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Load & unload glass between racks and vertical machines.

Loading glass from racks to IG line, straight line edger, beveling machines, vertical washing machine, sandblasting machine and etc. Also loading from vertical machines to glass racks.

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Handle glass panel among process

Moving glass to next step after finishing the last process. For example handle glass from edging machine to washing machine, rotate glass to next edging after polishing one side and other handling and lifting work in the processing.

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Transfer glass to autoclave for processing

Transfer laminated glass into autoclave from machines or racks, and move glass out from autoclave to rack after processing.

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Handle and pack finished glass

Move finished glass from racks and pack into the wooden crates for shipping.

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Transport sheet glass to different areas

  • From trucks to storage
  • From storage to trucks
  • From storage to production area
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