Glass & Glazing Installation

in the Construction Projects

Increasing numbers of contractors are using handling equipment for installation in the projects, especially for glass curtain wall and glazing in facade. Also the robot manipulator acts as the competent assistance to handle panel for indoor installation. Cost-saving and high efficiency are not only the main advantages for using vacuum lifting equipment in the constructions. Plenty of manual installation works increase injury risk, which using glass lifters and manipulators are capable of avoiding.

Most of glass lifter and manipulators are not only used as the handling tools for installation, but also play a helper in the plant and warehouse for transport panels.

Now there still has a large number of contractors using clamps, slings or strips for carrying glass or glazing in the construction. Regardless of the lifting safety, it is easier to damage or scratch glass and glazing. And in the last process of fixing glass, these lifting ways could increase the difficulty of mounting.

Glass & Glazing Installation

Regardless of building, shop, house, plant and other architecture, vast majority of fenestration system, including but not limited to curtain wall, glazing, doors and windows.

You can find one or more types of vacuum lifters and manipulators to address the lifting and handling requirements for projects. If you have special request, do contact us without hesitation.

Lifting and Handling for Curtain Walls

Used for Glazing Installation

Lifting Equipment for Skylight

Handling and Removing Damaged Glass or Glazing