Glass & Glazing Production and Processing

In the glass production and processing plants, there have various working positions to handle and lift glass panel, like cutting, polishing, washing, laminating, tempering and etc. Now an increasing numbers of producers and processors are using vacuum lifters and light crane system for handling and transporting glass panels, thanks to their brilliant decision and excellent management capability.

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Doors and Windows Fabrication

Many processed glass are increasingly in demand for doors and windows fabrication, including insulating glass, tempered glass, Low-E glass and laminated glass. These types of glass are in variety of thickness and dimensions, bringing in higher intensity and difficulty for manual handling and transport. Vacuum lifter is the cost-effective equipment for lifting and handling doors and windows in the fabrication and storage.

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Glass & Glazing Installation

Increasing numbers of contractors are using handling equipment for installation in the projects, especially for glass curtain wall and glazing in facade. Also the robot manipulator acts as the competent assistance to handle panel for indoor installation. Cost-saving and high efficiency are not only the main advantages for using vacuum lifting equipment in the constructions. Plenty of manual installation works increase injury risk, which using glass lifters and manipulators are capable of avoiding.

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Lifting Solution for Stone Slabs and Ceramic Tiles

Due to the dimension and deadweight, it is quite hard to transport and handle these slabs and tiles in the production and processing. Some producers and processors are using clamps to grip the boards, but there exist the risks of damage by clamping force. Also it is difficult to flip slabs and tiles by only using clamps. Compared to clamps and manual handling, wise choices for vacuum lifting equipment contribute to easy operation, comfort working and high productivity.

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Lifting and Handling Metal Sheet

By using vacuum lifting equipment to handle and transport various kinds of metal sheet or processed metal panels, it can keep your works away from intensity, fatigue and danger. We manufacture and provide several kinds of vacuum lifting equipment, to meet with multiple customers’ needs. Also we design and produce according to the comprehensive consideration of operation, safety and special requirements from clients.

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Metal Sheet Lifter