In 2000 under the further development of China’s reform and opening up, the director Shaoxing Guan established ‘Shengheng Hardware and Rubber Products Factory’ in Shenzhen, manufacturing machine parts and components, such as suction cups, rubber rollers and polyurethane wheels, for glass machines, printing machines and other machines.

With almost ten years of steady growth, accumulated experiences and R&D, the director founded another company ‘Shengheng Machinery’ in Shenzhen China in 2009. This company concentrates on developing and manufacturing vacuum lifting and handling equipment and light cranes syestem, committed to providing panel handling and lifting solutions for domestic and international customers in the industry. Under the leadership of the director and with the solid advanced technology, rich experience and good customer relationship, our company achieved rapid step and development in the industry.

In 2013, considered for long-term development of the company, we built up the new plant in Foshan Guangdong, where it gathered industrial bases such as machinery, metal materials processing, ceramic building materials and etc. It is not only effectively introducing talents and keeping up with the industry trends, but also conveniently providing both pre-sale and after-sales services.


After more than 10 years of development, our product catalog includes electric vacuum lifters, pneumatic vacuum lifter, mobile handling manipulators and light cranes, which are widely used in the production and processing of glass, stone, ceramic and metal plates, as well as installation and handling in the construction.

In order to ensure the capacity, reliability and stability of the products, we continuously optimize and improve products, carefully select qualified suppliers. We are cooperating with famous parts suppliers, like SMC, FESTO, AIRTAC, THOMAS, and BECKER. Also we import Korean rubber materials and produce suction cups by ourselves. Now our products have been well accepted and recognized by domestic and foreign customers. We have built up cooperation with many customers, counterparts and distributors around the world.

On the basis of different directories of lifting materials, we provide glass vacuum lifters, stone and ceramic vacuum lifter and metal plate vacuum lifters. In addition, our company can customize equipment in accordance with customers’ requirements and actual use.

Contributed to reduce labor intensity and cost, increase working efficiency and improve production safety, Shengheng Machinery will continue to develop and provide cost-effective plate lifting and handling equipment to meet the needs of the industry.


            • Research and develop the safe, reliable and cost-effective vacuum lifting technology.

            • Provide superior products and good services for customers.

            • Satisfy with customers’ needs for increasing competitiveness.